The World in Prints: An International Survey of Graphic Arts, Contemporary and Historic

The World in Prints: An International Survey of Graphic Arts, Contemporary and Historic
Curated by William J. Dane

Main Library
November 14, 2007 – January 12, 2008

Matisse_Woman_leaning_on_elbow_next_to_flowersA cooperative visual arts project entitled The World in Prints: An International Survey of Graphic Arts, Contemporary and Historic is on view at The Newark Public Library galleries from November 14, 2007 through January 12, 2008, with a companion exhibition at the Paul Robeson Gallery on the Rutgers-Newark campus at 350 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard from November 8, 2007 through January 24, 2008.

Grauer_group_of_people_colorfully_dressedThese exhibitions feature more than two hundred original works of graphic art from the Library’s William J. Dane Fine Print Collection, which now totals more than 23,000 works acquired by gift and purchase by the Library since its establishment in 1889. An opening reception to celebrate the exhibition was held at the Library from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on Wednesday, November 14, 2007. A special program entitled Speaking of Prints was held on Monday, December 3, 2007 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm, featuring Dr. Hilda Werschkul of Montclair State University, William J. Dane of The Newark Public Library, and Jorge Daniel Veneciano of Rutgers-Newark. The event included a gallery tour and reception.

Miró_Abstract_in_black,_orange,_tanSince the glorious days when The Newark Public Library opened its doors, the graphic arts have been an area of deep appreciation and careful attention, reflecting public interest over four generations. Haas_Chrysler_buildingThe prints in this cooperative showing were carefully selected from among thousands of works in the Library’s collections to demonstrate a diversity of techniques and visual images. The exhibition was created with the print enthusiast and collector in mind, as well as for the enjoyment and art education of the many visitors to the Library and the Robeson Gallery who delight in the opportunity to see items of quality and historic importance.

Schmidt-Rottluff_woodcut_of_woman_and_treesIncluded are historic printmakers going back in history to the Late Renaissance, with works by Rembrandt, Lucas van Leyden, and Durer. Notable European artists of the twentieth century whose works are on view include Picasso, Braque, Chirico and Marie Laurencin, and Max Pechstein. Pop Art movement artists include Warhol, Rosenquist, Rauschenberg, and Roy Lichtenstein. Allen_lithograph_abstract_animal_over_wordsArtists from varied national origins are a most welcome segment of the Library’s prints. These include Taiwan, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, England, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, Sweden, South Africa, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and Canada. Special emphasis was placed on representative works from the highly creative environment of Paris in the 1920s and 1930s, and prints depicting Manhattan and New York City during the same period. Davson_lithograph_abstract_with_crosses_and_circlesOf course, New Jersey and Newark graphic artists were always eagerly added to the collection, with relevant history, portraits, and eclectic iconography forming a superb visual record of various Newark and Garden State developments.

The Newark Public Library is located at 5 Washington Street on Washington Park in downtown Newark’s growing cultural complex. The exhibition is open during regular library hours, Monday through Saturday, with free admission. Group visits and more details are readily available by calling the Special Collections Division of the Library at 973-733-7745.

Click here for a list of artists’ prints scheduled to be in the exhibition.