Pulaski Skyway: New Jersey Treasure

Pulaski Skyway: New Jersey Treasure


Main Library – Fourth Floor
5 Washington Street
Newark, NJ
September 8 – December 2008

Curated by Deirdre Schmidel – Reference Librarian, Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center, Newark Public Library

aerial_view_of_skywayIn conjunction with the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Division of Project Development & Bureau of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Solutions, the Newark Public Library is proud to showcase this well-known New Jersey landmark in the exhibit Pulaski Skyway – NJ Treasure.

cars_on_skywayThe Pulaski Skyway opened in 1932, and spans the Passaic and Hackensack Rivers, connecting Newark and Jersey City. The exhibit details the contributions that the Pulaski Skyway has made to Newark and the surrounding areas. There are four cases: Case 1 provides an overview of the construction of the bridge; Case 2 gives a glimpse of the Skyway’s history and awards; Case 3 highlights some of the bridge’s special features; and Case 4 shows the changes and ongoing upkeep of this cantilevered bridge.

The exhibition, curated by Reference Librarian Deirdre Schmidel, is on view from September 8, 2008 through December 2008. For more information, please call Ms. Schmidel at 973-733-7775.