HBO’s Plot Against America Discussion {Recording} – Newark Public Library

HBO’s Plot Against America Discussion {Recording}

Watch our outstanding panel of professionals discuss the series and answer questions from our guests. The panel includes:

  • Sean Wilentz, Princeton historian, friend of Philip Roth’s, and 2019 Philip Roth lecturer at the Newark Public Library
  • Fran Bartkowski, English Professor Rutgers Newark, and Interim Chair, Department of Arts, Culture, and Media, Co-Director, Express Newark at Rutgers University – Newark
  • Benjamin Taylor, author of fiction and non-fiction, close friend of Philip Roth’s, and author of memoir of that friendship, Here We Are: My Friendship with Philip Roth, to be published mid-May.

We are thrilled that NJ native, American humorist, and NPR Host of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, Peter Sagal, participated as the moderator for the event.

As you may know, Mr. Sagal hosted a series of interviews with the creator of the series, David Simon, after each episode and shared some those insights with us.

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