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About the Collection

The Newark Public Library has been a Patent and Trademark Resource Center since 1906.

Patent and trademark collections and services are located in the Reference department on the second floor. Resources are available in print and on microfilm, CD-ROM, DVD and web-based databases.

Librarians are expert searchers who will provide information, assistance, and instruction in the use of resources. They cannot, however, provide legal interpretation or advice, which should be sought from a patent attorney.

Although it is possible to conduct a patent search using Internet resources, doing so will not yield comprehensive results and so should be considered a preliminary investigation only. A complete patent search should be conducted in person at a Patent and Trademark Resource Center.

Library Resources

U.S. Patents/Utility — Available on microfilm from 1790 to 1999.
Includes the full-text of the patent, complete with renderings.

Design Patents— Available on microfilm from 1908. Also included in the Official Gazette.

Official Gazette— This weekly publication contains abstracts of new utility and design patents. On microfilm from 1872, and in paper from 1931.

USAPat— Includes the full-text of the patent complete with renderings.
1790-1989 on DVD-ROM
1994-1999 on CD-ROM
2000- on DVD

USAMark— Available on CD-ROM from 1870. Includes facsimile images of all U.S. trademark registrations.

The collection also includes plant patents, reissue patents, defensive publications, and other patent materials. Please note that some older paper resources cannot be photocopied.

Reference Materials, Guides and Indices: Please see a librarian to use these resources.

(Highlighted titles are also available on the web via the USPTO)

Attorneys and Agents Registered to Practice Before the U.S.
Patent and Trademark Office

Basic Facts About Patents
Basic Facts About Trademarks
Corrections, Disclaimers and Reissues (CDR)
Index to the U.S. Patent Classification System
Manual of U.S. Patent Classification
Trademark Design Search Code Manual