Letter from the Director: Intolerance: Charlottesville and Beyond

In the wake of events of Charlottesville we are all reminded of the tremendous work that we have yet to do to build strong, supportive communities. At the Newark Public diversity and inclusion are a priority. We are a community safe space. All are welcome here!

We also understand how hate can affect a community and how, at times, we can all feel paralyzed by it. How do we begin to have a conversation with friends, family, coworkers and others about these events and about the hate that seems to drive them? How do we better inform our community and how do we help our community to heal?

Please know that our libraries and our librarians are here to help you. We have developed guides to resources that we hope will help guide, educate, and inform. We hope that you will find them useful.

Most importantly, please know that the Newark Public Library stands with you, united against intolerance.

–Jeffrey Trzeciak, Director of the Newark Public Library


Listed below is an array of materials to help us to consider the horrific events that took place recently in Charlottesville, Virginia: what they reveal and awaken, how we can come together to restore the world, how we can protect ourselves and each other. These directories are continuously collected by librarians at the Newark Public Library. We regularly check them for accuracy and relevance, and we welcome additions from all members of the city.


The Library offers print and nonprint collections as well as programs and events in response to the interests, delights, and concerns of our diverse clienteles. Please visit www.npl.org for continued developments.



Activism by, for, and about African Americans



Activism by, for, and about ex-offenders



Activism by, for, and about people who are immigrants



Activism by, for and about people who are refugees



Activism by, for, and about LGBTI communities



Activism and social services and poverty



Activism by, for, and about people with special abilities



Activism by, for, and about women



Activism and media sources



Activism in Newark, NJ



Psychology and mental health–advice



Voting and elections