Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame – Newark Public Library

Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame

Exhibit on view through Friday September 7, 2019
James Brown African American Room, 2nd floor, Main Library | 5 Washington Street, Newark, NJ 07102

The people of Ferguson have a story to tell – and one that the majority of those in the United States have not heard or fully understood. This story is even more urgent today.

The death of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014 sparked outrage and launched a movement. Unwarranted traffic stops, fines, and arrests of people of color are a regular experience for those who either grew up or still live in the area. But these truths are not unique to Ferguson. They are replicated across the country.  Many know and many have experienced this fact about America: people of color have been and continue to be systematically targeted and criminalized.

Ferguson isn’t the only community where inequality and disenfranchisement is manifest, but it has become a symbol. “Ferguson is everywhere” became the rallying cry in the days, months and years since Michael’s death.

The stories and images captured in Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame are a testament not only to the systemic discrimination that the Ferguson protests laid bare, but also the power of transformative action taken to foster accountability, community, and justice.

The Moral Courage Project, a collaboration between students engaged with the University of Dayton’s Human Rights Center and PROOF: Media for Social Justice, is an attempt to spotlight and honor those who responded to the death of Michael Brown.  This traveling exhibit tells their stories.

FergusonVoices.org was produced in collaboration with TOKY Branding and Design, a St. Louis-based firm. The site contains rich audio excerpts, striking photographic portraits, and a dynamic interactive navigation that elevates the testimonies and gives multi-dimensional life to these powerful stories.

Explore the story of Ferguson on the interactive site: https://www.fergusonvoices.org/

This exhibit, promotional language, and photo are presented courtesy of PROOF: Media for Social Justice and University of Dayton Human Rights Center.