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“My decision to locate my personal library in Newark, and specifically in the Newark Public Library, was determined by a longstanding sense of gratitude to the city where I was born in 1933.” – Philip Roth

Portrait of Philip Roth by Nancy Crampton

Philip Roth, the Library, and Newark

Philip Roth, world-acclaimed novelist and literary icon, was born in Newark. He grew up in the city’s Weequahic section, going to the local branch of the Newark Public Library. When he attended Rutgers University in Newark, the Main library was his refuge and inspiration. Although he had homes in New York City and Connecticut, Roth returned to his roots, setting many of his novels in Newark. Among his numerous honors, Roth received the Pulitzer Prize for American Pastoral, and was twice the winner of the National Book Award.

Philip Roth’s Bequest

An Endowment
Roth’s generous endowments secure NPL’s position as a cornerstone of our community and will continue to keep the Roth story alive.

His Personal Collection
This gift of over 7,000 books is one of the largest personal collections to be donated to a public library.

A Legacy
Roth’s gifts ensure his collection will be cared for and accessible for future generations of scholars, artists and fans.

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“The stacks and the reference room and the reading rooms of the main library were where I camped out when I wanted a quiet place to be alone to read or to study or to look something up.” – Philip Roth

The Philip Roth Personal Library

A believer in the power of books, Roth envisioned inspiring a love for reading and writing in his hometown. His collection of books, photographs and personal items will be housed in a dedicated room in the Main library, inviting people from around the world to explore its many treasures.

A Forum
Cultivating creative expression and the discipline of writing through seminars, workshops, book talks and citywide literary festivals.

A Literary Destination
Engaging current and future enthusiasts of Roth’s novels with world-class exhibitions that allow visitors to explore the imagination and acumen of Philip Roth and the authors who inspired him.

An Educational Hub
Providing scholars and readers with the opportunity to examine Roth’s creative process and intellectual life, while adding to the Newark Public Library’s already established diverse research collection.

Rendering of the Philip Roth Personal Library

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