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In serving the entire Newark community, the Newark Public Library will be a national model of innovation, collaboration, and service excellence.


The Newark Public Library transforms lives and strengthens communities through innovative services, stimulating programs, and inspiring collections.

About the

Newark Public Library delivers essential services and resources to everyone seeking opportunities to build a better life.

Our dedicated staff bring decades of experience to serving all Newarkers. Their willingness to engage with the community ensures our residents have a voice and that our services and resources are crafted to meet their needs. Their creativity and innovation are phenomenal, and their openness and willingness to experiment allows us to move forward with new programs, events, and activities. 

Facing Washington Park, the historic Newark Public Library traces its beginnings to the Newark Library Association, which was formed in 1847. Forty years later, the people of Newark approved the founding of a Free Public Library. Learn More about the Library’s architecture and history.


We pledge to set a distinctive standard of excellence in all services for our library’s users, for the City of Newark, and for our staff.

We engage with residents to co-create a happy, productive Newark. We make the library an active, integral community citizen.

We use our different strengths to work together and with partners throughout the city to achieve our mission and to encourage curiosity in Library users.

We shape and transform lives through our programs, services, and collections to fulfill the expectations and dreams of all who use Library resources.

We provide a safe space, where all individuals are free to be themselves.

We welcome people of all ages, abilities, beliefs, classes, colors, ethnicities, genders, gender preferences, and shapes into these  libraries. Libraries are for everyone. Everyone belongs here.

We invite and encourage change as Newark communities’ needs evolve.

We are a hub of the community. We use our skills and resources to help all Newarkers.

Board of

Dr. Timothy J. Crist, President
Dr. Lauren Wells, Vice President
Dr. Rosemary Steinbaum, Secretary
Mr. Thomas Alrutz, Treasurer
Dr. Anasa Maat
Mr. Jeremy Johnson (Alternate for Ras J. Baraka, Mayor of Newark)
Ms. Nicole Johnson (Alternate for Roger León, Superintendent of Newark Public Schools)
Mr. Miguel Rodriguez
Mr. Domingo Morel


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A distinguished librarian, Mr. Trzeciak has spent his entire career in urban library settings and joins the Library from Washington University in St. Louis, where he served as University Librarian.  Over- the course of his 30-year career, marked by innovation and collaboration, Jeffrey has been a champion of civil rights and social justice, particularly in the African American, Hispanic and LGBTQ communities.


Jeffrey Trzeciak, Director
(973) 733-7780 or
(973) 733-7758


Chief Development Officer
Spencer Scott
(973) 733-7735
Assistant Director for Special Collections
Ingrid Betancourt
(973) 733-3637
Assistant Director for Facilities and Security
George Wheatle Williams
(973) 733-5697 or 7793
Assistant Director for Human Resources
Leslie Colson
(973) 733-7740
Assistant Director for Finance
Rodney Jefferson
(973) 733-4842

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The Library is a proud partner of the Newark City of Learning Collaborative and the Urban Libraries Council.